Banaba Dry Extract

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Banaba Dry Extract

Botanical Name

Legerstromia Speciosa

Active Ingredients

Crosolic acid 1% & 2%

Process Of Banaba Dry Extraction

Banaba Leaf is found mainly in India, South East Asia and the Philippines. Banaba Leaf Extract is rich in calcium, magnesium and zinc and is reputed for topical use on fragile dry skin as it assist in reducing the flakiness of the skin while improving suppleness. It is suggested to be good at reducing the signs of aging and to alleviate itchiness caused by dry skin. This extract is perfect for use in lotions and gels.

Benefits Of Banaba Dry Extract

  • Banaba Leaf Is Anti-Diabetic.
  • Banaba Leaf Promotes Weight Loss.
  • Banaba Leaf Is an Antioxidant.
  • Banaba Leaf Is Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Banaba Leaf Is Antibacterial.

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