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Gudmar Dry Extract
Gudmar dry extract
Botanical Name Gymnema Sylyestre
Active Ingredients 25.0% Gymnamic Acid
Pharmacological Action Blood Glucose Control
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Gymnema known in hindi as gurmar or the "sugar destroyer", Gymnema acts as a pancreatic trophorestorative by focusing on the Beta cells and the release of insulin. It seems to act by disrupting the absorption of sugar giving the Beta cells a rest. It is used for hyperglycemia, diabetes, sleep disturbance due to insulin resistance, sugar cravings and to assist weight loss by suppressing appetite. Our clients jsut won't stop taking this, even when their bodies no longer need it. When applied to the mouth directly in extract, it anesthetixes the sweet taste buds for several hours.

The effect of the alcoholic extrat of the leaves of G. Sylvestre, Tribang shila (and ayurvedic preparation) and tolbutamide on blood sugar was compared in normal rate as well those rendered hyperglycaemic by daily administration of the anterior pituitary extract. The effect of parenteral administration of the alcoholic extract of leavers on the hyperglycaemic response of the diabetogenic harmones, somatotropin nd corticotropin has been atudied in albino rats. The somatotropin - included hyperglycaemia was markedly inhibited by the extract in a dose of 200 mg/kg. intramuscularly. The inhibition of the corticotrpin induced hyperglycaemia was also observed with the extract (Gupta and Variyar, 1964).
Om namah shivay
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