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Geloi Dry Extract
Geloi dry extract
Botanical Name Tinospora Cardifolia
Active Ingredients 2.0% Bitter
Pharmacological Action Immunostimulant, Hepatoprotectant, Diuretic
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Commonly known as Amritha or Guduchi, widely distributed throughout tropical and sub tropical India. Stem terete often producing foliform aerial roots. Tastes intensively bitter and odorless. All parts of the plant are useful. The aerial parts are used to extract the active principles.

The powder extract contains glucoside, alkaloids and bitter principles. The main alkaloids are tinosporin, tinosporic acid and tinosporol.

One of the effective 'bitter tonics'. Tinospora destroys toxins of various sorts in the body. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti pyretic properties and hence widely used in degenerative bone and joint diseases like Arthritis.
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