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Ashwagandha Dry Extract
Ashwagandha dry extract
Botanical Name Witahnia Somnifera
Active Ingredients 1.0% alkaloids & 1.5% withanaloid
Pharmacological Action Long term stress Anabolic alternative
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Often called Indian Ginseng, the roots of this evergreen shrub have been used in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to promote strength and stamina. In fact, the same means "the strength of a thosands stallions." More human studies are needed, but lab and animal research suggests the herb may boost white blood cell counts and otehr measures of immunity. Ashwagandha has a mild sedative effect, even though it increases physical endurance and energy. It is useful for insomnia issues, anxiety, irritability, inflammation anemia. It even promotes growth and appetite in children and adults. We also use it at ISIS as our choice for Multiple Sclerosis ot alleviate the accompanying fatigue.

Acetone soluble alkaloid fraction of the roots showed C.N.S. Depressant effect in dogs, albino rats and mice. Convulsios oroduced by metrazol were extracerbated in rats but the animals were protected against supraorbital electroshock eizures. It produced hypnosis in mice. Potentiation of barbiturate, ethanole and urethane - induced hypnosis were observed in mice. Increase in 5 HT and depletion calcium was also observed. Alcoholic extract potentiated thiopental induced sleep in albino mice. It was not effective in antogonizing rnetrazol and strychnine induced convulsions and mortality 7. The functional activity of normal human T lymphocytes as assessed by local xenogenic graft via host reaction was also affected by withanolide and withaferine. Withaferine affects both T and B lymphocytes. Adaptogenic antistress action of plant extracts from defatted seeds was shown by the increase in duration o sleeping time, and prevention of the reduction of ascorbic acid and contents of adrenals in mice significantly in comparison with controls. Significant protection against aspirin and stress-included ulcers was also observed in rats. A dose of 60 mglkg for three days showed 50% inhibition of milk induced leucocytosis in albino rats.

The effect of Ashwagandha-medicated wine prepared from the roots of Withania somnifera was studied in 30 patients wit hanxiety neurosis. Moderate improvements in palpitation, tremors, headache, anorexia, lack of concentration dyspepsia, fatigue and irritability was observed, while maximum improvement was in nervousness wit h49 ml of aswagandharishta administered in two divided doses for one month. Root powder was studied in 46 patients of rheumatoid arthiritis with a dose of 4, 6 or 9 gm/day for a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Pain and swelling disappeared completely in 14 patients, considerable improvement was observed in 10 patients and 11 patients showed mild improvement. There was no relief in 4 patients and 7 patients discontinued the treatments.

Root powder in a dose of 9 gm/day in divided doses used for 3 or 4 weeks in patients wit harthiritis was well tolerated. No side effects were observed with Ashwagandharista in a dose 40 ml/day in two divided doses given for a month to thirty patients with anxiety neurosis. In acute toxicity studies LD, 0 of the alcoholic extract of seeds was 1750 141 mg(P.O.) in albino mice.
Om namah shivay
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